• Kitten Nursery Update

    Renovations are underway for the new Hearts Alive Village Veterinary Clinic, with a lot of attention being paid to getting the Kitten Nursery just right.
  • Lulu Saved by the Village Fund

    Lulu was adopted by a family on March 5, 2020 from our local municipal shelter. Her stay was finally over and she was free to find a family to call her own. Unfortunately, within two short weeks, Lulu’s world would be uprooted again. What she thought was her forever family began looking to rehome her, as she was posted on a Las Vegas rehoming site. Her precious face, full of hope, was shared on Facebook.
  • People and Pets

    The bonds between people and their pets are STRONG. So strong, in fact, that pets have been known to:

    • Improve mental health by lowering stress, decreasing depression, and increasing happiness (you can’t NOT smile at their goofy little faces)
    • Decrease feelings of loneliness and isolation (you’ll never use the bathroom alone again)
  • Affordable Veterinary Care in Las Vegas

    According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, there are an estimated 91,250 dogs and 76,000 cats that reside in Las Vegas, Nevada. Most pet owners want to do the right thing, providing necessary medical care to their beloved family members. Unfortunately, the costs for veterinary services have risen 10% between 2015 and 2018 (according to the Nationwide/Purdue University Price Index), and many pet owners now lack the ability to care for their animals.